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  The Pastel Society of Ireland was formed in 1988 by a group of dedicated pastel painting artists who felt that there was a need to provide a forum where pastelists could meet to discuss and promote the highly individual art of pastel painting. The Society aims to encourage and promote the art and practice of pastel painting throughout Ireland by bringing together pastel artists with a wide range of abilities, so that their crafts, skills and artistic abilities may be enjoyed and shared.

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Pastel society of ireland

30th annual exhibition

Megan J portrait 105855 Helen Templeton A3 Poster Tintern Abbey

                                                                                            Roberta Lindsay receiving the award for best Still Life

Sean McGibbon received 2 awards. He won Best Seascape and he was awarded the Sam Mateer Memorial Award for best painting in the exhibition.


Anthony Haughey won the award for best Animal Portrait.  





Art in the Open

Wexford 2019


This years Plein Air Festival takes place from 27th July - 5th August


For more information go to Workshops 


Pastel Society of Ireland

30th Anniversary     Members Exhibition

CHQ, Dublin

15th - 21st July 2019

For detail go to Exhibitions



Pastel society of Ireland  2019 Annual Exhibition


Island Arts Centre,   Lisburn

  27 Nov to 21st Dec


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Robert Dutton explaining his technique during the demonstration.

Chairperson Patricia Burgess introducing

Amanda Croft who open the Exhibition and presented the awards.



Up and coming events

Pastel Workshop with

Emma Colbert

7th December

Island Arts Centre, Lisburn

For details go to Workshops


Pastel SocietyAGM

will take place

23rd November 2019 in Island Arts Centre, Lisburn at 10.30am.

It will be followed by submission to the

Annual exhibition.


Pastel workshop with

Rosie McClelland 

8th February2020

Venue to be confirmed


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Capture Bill Gatt Capture Bill 2

Pastel Society of Ireland

Pastel Workshop with Bill Gatt,

March 2018


This year the Annual exhibition took place in the Island Arts Centre, Lisburn. The exhibition was adjudicated by three artists Les Jones, Bill Gatt and Aidan Butler who also contributed paintings to the exhibition as guest artists.

The exhibition consisted of works by Full Members of the Society as well as Associate Members and Non Members. The Committee were very pleased to include paintings by the late Sam Mateer the founder of the society. in all 6 painting by Sam Mateer wereexhibited with the kind permission of Peter Martin and Millie Moore.. It was a great treat for those visiting the exhibition to get to see such fine works.

The Exhibition was opened by Amanda Croft after been introduced by our chairperson Patricia Burgess. Amanda also gave out the awards to this years recipients. Congratulations to all our award winners below.

Rosie McClelland received the award for the Best Portrait

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Robert Dutton Talk and workshop

On Friday 13th September the pastel society of Ireland hosted an evening with Robert Dutton in the F.E.McWilliams Gallery in Banbridge. Robert is a leeds based artist having settled in Yorkshire 22 years ago. Although he travels extensively it is the Pennine Moors and Dales landscapes which are his main creative inspiration.

Robert talked about his approach to  painting while demonstrating from a photograph of the Anglesey coastline.

Members of the Pastel Society of Ireland helping to hang the 30th Anniversary Members Exhibition in the Custom House Quay Gallery in Dublin. 50 paintings were hung in this beautiful gallery, a few of which are shown above.


IMG_7144 robert3 IMG_7153 robert 1 IMG_7156 robert2 IMG_0742 robert 4 IMG_0732 robert5 IMG_0732 robert5 FullSizeRender member1 IMG_0743 member 2 IMG_0731 member3

The finished painting by Robert Dutton

Robert often uses watercolout and ink underpainting for his Pastel paintings. The two paintings above are examples of his work.The Saturday workshop gave participants an oppurtunity to try out these techniques. Below are some of the results of the days work.

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The award for best Landscape was won by Larry Steen.

The award for the Best painting by a Non-Member went to Sorrel Wills.















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