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Aidan Butler

I have been painting intermittently since my teens, although it’s only since 1997 have I been painting professionally. In 2001, I was commissioned by the state to provide paintings for Ennis Hospital, and I have work in public and corporate collections around the country.

In recent years I have exhibited at the RUA exhibition and participated in Art Ireland on numerous occasions and had success at solo and group exhibitions across all of Ireland.


I paint in oils and pastels. Using pastels I employ various  methods, preferrimg to apply colour and shapes right from the start without any underlying drawing as the leap into the unknown is more inspirational for me than trying to get to a point where I have an idea of the end result. although sometimes more defined work needs a slightly different approach, using sketches and photographs when required.


 I discovered pastels in the 1980’s, being amazed at how much control I had in terms of drawing, tone and colour. My work developed to a more loose style in tandem with stronger deeper tones achieved by using randomly brushed applications of textured gesso and scrubbed into the surface. I love pastel, and although the delicate operation of framing and transporting them is a pain, it’s worth it to see a finished piece in place. I may fix the early layers, but never the last couple.  


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