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Christine Algie


Born In Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1971 I have always loved to draw, I would spend many a rainy day in my bedroom just doodling away the hours.  My favourite subject to paint is wildlife, with my passion being cats, the large varieties are my favourite.  As an artist I am completely self taught.  


I started out painting in watercolour but could never master it I just could not achieve the soft edges needed to make a good watercolour so I started to look at other mediums.  At the time I worked for an art store in Belfast and  that's where I came across pastel, the array of different vibrant, beautiful colours had me hooked, so I bought a starter set of pastel a pastel pad and a how to pastel book!  Now I rarely use any other medium.  I like to work to photo realism,  and when painting an animal, I feel I put my heart and soul into it, as I want it to portray the animals real beauty not just the outside beauty but the beauty they hold within! I feel the viewer can see this by looking into the eye, which is my favourite part to draw. "the beauty of its soul."


I am a member of Dundonald arts club an associate member of the society of feline artists, and Firsty an art networking group set up by Bangor artists and creative's to share ideas, opportunities and banter!


I have exhibited with Dundonald arts club and won the most popular painting, chosen by the general public for 2010, 2011, for Why and Why II. I have also exhibited with Firsty in November 2011. I was also guest artist on Lesley Harrison-Kellers Blog in April 2010,   Lesley is a fantastic pastel artist, who's art and the lady herself  have been an inspiration to me.


I have paintings in private collections in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, America and Canada.

Christine's website photo (44) profile of an amur leopard