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Emma Colbert

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Emma works full time as an artist. She graduated from Kent Institute of Art and Design as an illustrator in 2007, and has worked on hundreds of portraits, produced work for fine art galleries throughout the North and illustrated several books.

Her love of animals started at a young age and has continued to inspire her work ever since. After experimenting with velour pastel paper Emma found a surface which gave a soft apparance whilst allowing great detail.

Recent profects include a poetry book illustrated for Strabane District Council as part of a peace III project, and the second book in the "Charlie Crow" series which is curently being published.

Emma continues to produce portraits of people and pets through her business Pitter Patter Portraits but spends other time painting anything from wildlife to local landscapes or any other scenes or ideas that take her fancy. Producing these paintings is complete freedom to experiment with composition, light and recenctly reflections.

Pastels are wonderful to work with, versatile, vibrant and a medium Emma continues to learn about and enjoy.

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