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Libby Pallin

Libby Pallin was brought up in Scotland with both sides of her family over several generations being involved in the arts-in all forms: literature, the visual arts and music. Her aunt was a playwright and poet, her brother a sculptor. She has always loved the Scottish Colourists, who along with the French Impressionists have had their part in her journey.

She greatly admires Eduard Degas's work and the techniques he used in his pastels. Her married life has been spent in Ireland which, like Scotland, has magnificent landscapes. This has been a great source of inspiration for her. She has now been painting for some years, initially in watercolour and more recently in pastels. This is a medium which allows her to give free expression to colour and it is the colour within the landscape played on by the light that interests her. Her more recent travels in Africa with its dramatic landscapes, strong colours and light have encouraged and given her inspiration to experiment further in this field.




Sunset over Chobe River, Namibia Whiterock Beach Portrush [email protected]