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Ros Harvey

Ros Harvey comes from Malin, in the Inishowen peninsula of Co.Donegal in Ireland.  There she paints the wild elements of coast and sea, and makes hand pulled prints.


Ros started her artistic career in Dublin making pottery but due to a back operation realized she could no longer do the heavy work involved.  She turned to painting, and pastels in particular.  These were an obvious transition from clay work, as they too were a tactile medium.


Having travelled extensively, she settled back in Inishowen in 1988 and has set up studios for painting and printmaking, with a gallery/showroom for the public to visit.


She has won numerous awards, with paintings in many of the leading corporate and private collections throughout the country.


 She has exhibited in USA, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, The Netherlands, the UK. and has illustrated six books.


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