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Rosie McClelland

Having completed Foundation Studies at the Ulster Polytechnic, Rosie graduated in 1973 from Manchester Polytechnic, Faculty of Art and Design with a BA (Hons) in Fashion and Textile Design. From 1973-74 she studied Fashion Illustration at St Martin's School of Art, London. She then worked as a designer and illustrator in the fashion industry in London until leaving Britain in 1981 for Germany where she lived for 18 years. Since her return to Belfast, Rosie has been painting and exhibiting her paintings throughout the province and also runs her own art groups and workshops.

I am intrigued by the effect light and therefore colour has on the human spirit. The subject matter in my paintings, whether still-life motifs, harbour scenes or the human form, is a spring-board for the start of a journey. Each painting has a set of problems to be resolved, not just the formal elements of composition, colour and painting techniques but my own personal response to the painting as it evolves. The very nature of the pure pigment in pastels enables me to use fresh, vibrant colour and also gives me the freedom to change things as I proceed.












Pahti a Goan Artist (2) [email protected] Still Waters Salmon Leap, Teelin 2